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Asagiri Shinnosuke (朝桐 真之輔, Shinnosuke Asagiri) is the main protagonist of the manga series, A-bout. He is incredibly half-witted and straightforward, who is currently studying in Mitsumine as a transfer student.


Asagiri is considered to be an idiot by many even he is aware of that fact. Regardless of that trait, he is strangely vigorous and a conceited person -- labeling himself the strongest.

He never surrenders whoever the opponent is; or how many they are. Due to him despising bowing down to people it causes a lot of trouble for him: provoking many gang members of the leaders he fought. In addition to not accepting defeat to anyone, He has mastered the art of not dying managing to survive any attack: falling from a third-floor classroom window to a truck crashing into him.

It is implied that he shyly refuses to call Seshita, Masaki, and Sunahara his friends but rather acknowledges them as his 'followers.'



  • Jambalaya;
  • Boasting himself